As my professional coach and trainer throughout my career as an executive director at the Y, Gigi had a profound impact on my personal leadership style, emotional intelligence, and capabilities as an executive.  Based on this experience, I knew she would be a powerful facilitator, leading our executive team at Hello Alfred through a series of introspective workshops and sessions designed to develop our collective EI and capacity as a learning organization.

Her unique approach, combined with her years of experience in developing boards and executives across the country, changed the way we lead our company, and set us up for success for the challenges of 2020.

I highly recommend Gigi as an executive coach, innovative and impactful facilitator and someone who can find your weak spot as an individual or a team, and coach you through fixing it, especially in the realm of company leadership.  Your relationships will become more collaborative and efficient, allowing you to focus on truly leading your people and building your company.

Steven Hamill, Head of Program

Gigi is in a class by herself as leader who inspires transformational change, whether through her outstanding expertise in nonprofit board governance; as powerful facilitator of large- and small-group leadership gatherings; as a developer of compelling professional-development experiences for leaders at all levels; or as trusted and esteemed executive coach. Gigi’s exceptional reputation and impact span her professional work and her wide-ranging community volunteerism, about which she is a passionate advocate. She is an innovative thinking partner and an excellent collaborator on any initiative designed to instigate positive change.

Tom Lowery, President and Designer at Better Still

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Gigi Woodruff during my entire tenure at Y-USA. Gigi is an expert in many areas, including all things governance related. For this recommendation I want to emphasize her expertise in leadership and executive development. Gigi is incredibly talented when it comes to leading and facilitating all phases of strategic leadership development. From thorough and perceptive needs assessment – always aligned with organizational strategy – to creative design supporting high impact learning objectives, to facilitation of interactive in-person and virtual learning sessions, all leading to measurable results, Gigi nails it every single time. She has a deep passion for this work, and has personally coached hundreds of leaders over the years. There’s really no leadership or executive development need that Gigi can’t deliver on with deep expertise and contagious passion.