Gigi Woodruff & Associates— here to help you create inside-out growth strategies; building organizational structures that advance your internal community. And how Gigi does this is as important as what she does. She knows that creating lasting change happens best when she co-creates with you at every step, to ensure that together, you are designing for a new environment and transferring the skills to sustain that transformation, long after she is gone.

Collaborative, Enthusiastic, and Engaging

Gigi believes deeply in board members claiming their roles as essential thinking partners. She has committed her career to strengthening the skills of leaders as they navigate this rapidly  shifting and dynamic world.  

A compelling and enthusiastic facilitator and consultant, Gigi is recognized for her ability to engage an audience in probing dialogue and collaborative learning that advances collective understanding and a commitment to action.

Whether presenting in a classroom or on a virtual platform, Gigi fosters engagement by listening deeply, encouraging participation and supporting diverse learning styles.


Consulting | Advising | Coaching

Gigi will help position your organization to lead the way for other organizations dedicated to your cause.

Board Governance

From Bylaw review and feedback to board member assessment/coaching and more.

Organizational Leadership

From Team building and culture setting to leadership development programs and more.


If your organization is interested in a deeper, customized approach Gigi will co-create a custom assessment beginning by listening to unique perspectives of board and staff leadership, collecting and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data, establishing outcomes and identifying steps and strategies to advance the work by executing action plans.

Virtual or In-Person Seminars, Keynotes, Workshops, Retreats

Board Presentations:

  • Deepening  Our Commitment to Diversity on Our Boards

  • Embracing the Full Capacity of Our Governance Committee

  • Engaging Your Board in Navigating an Uncertain Future

  • Creating a Culture of Philanthropy

Organizational Presentations:

  • Navigating Uncertainty in Uncertain Times

  • Holding Uncomfortable Conversations

  • Developing an Organization Learning Culture

  • Co-creating Change – A Collaborative Approach


Never has any organization faced such a challenging and complex world than the one we all find ourselves living in now. While some believe that navigating the uncertain future of an organization is primarily a staff function, Gigi holds the tension for groups and helps navigate the path for staff, key stakeholders, partners and volunteer leaders to find their way together – empowering all sides of the partnership.

The most challenging and rewarding part of this work is researching, developing and assisting others as they implement strategies to serve the ever-changing needs of their organization. Co-creating these solutions with you and your teams assures that the processes and actions address the specific and unique needs identified and create the results desired. No two organizations, Alliances or boards are the same nor need the same solution.

Whether delivered virtually or in-person, all of Gigi’s engagements are customized to your expressed needs.

I believe in the capacity of people to leverage their gifts and strengths to change this world for the better and I am honored to be trusted as partner on the journey…


The Allied Advisors Group is a cross-functional team of nationally recognized subject matter experts with a history of successful collaboration, consultation and execution. Working together, the members of the Allied Advisors Group create solutions in service to the needs of individual YMCAs, State Alliances and other not-for-profit organizations.